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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 6, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> fox news can confirm usama bin laden was there. a pakistani official telling us they believe he was there for five or six years because they have talked to the youngest wife of usama bin laden.
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she is being held by pakistani officials and they are interrogating her. she says from time to time usama bin laden did receive guests. but she also asserts she wasn't involved in daily activities. at the very least long-term planning. usama bin laden that wife is also telling authorities that she never left the complex in the five or six years she had been there. no photographic evidence. no aid ohio recordings. no audio recordings. what could be the evidence that convinced the cia she was there? >> reporter: they were
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following couriers going back and forth. you have got to believe that maybe that information that okay give the big man this message. maybe the cia had that. they watched this courier go into the house. they saw indications maybe some of the clothing -- they saw a clothesline on the terrace on the third floor of that residential structure. they call it a jigsaw puzzle they were assembling. it's hard to tier over those walls. so they had to put it together like a massive puzzle that in fact was assembled in time for the u.s. navy seals to act earlier this week. bill: the more you tell us the more it make us sit up and think about everything that's going on for the past several years.
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just to build on what you and gregg were talking about. pakistani officials are questioning 0 woman taken from bin laden's home. the woman has described their see excluded life saying she never left the compound for six years. authorities will are also holding eight or nine children who were found after the navy seals left. it's like they were on self-imposed house arrest. nearby residents have been labeling it bin laden town. according to reports the compound could soon be demolished. bill: we expected this next story. bin laden's death sparking
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protests, including this one. based on our best count, hundreds were in that protest in the streets of pakistan. some claim despite his methods he's a martyr for fighting against u.s. oppression. bill: you heard the english at the end, "why kill him?" fox news confirming moments ago, the u.s. carried out two drone strikes in pakistan on days after killing bin laden. the first drone fired a missile
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killing 10 people in waziristan where many thought bin laden was taking refuge. a second strike killing six others nearby. a look at a new relationship and where we go from here with pakistan. >> reporter: we have brand-new job numbers just in. this is showing the biggest hiring spree in five years. but the uneven employment trait still rows to 9%. experts suggest the outlook is turning around. but will it be enough to get the economy back on track? it added -- charles 244,000 jobs and that was more than taken lists expected. >> reporter: private employers added 268,000.
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that's a tremendous number. this has been a tough week on the market. a lot of anxiety coming into today. the question you ask in the bigger issue is what will it take before we recover some of the 8 million jobs lost during the great recession. it will take numbers like this. it will take bigger numbers if you add in the jobs we lost and new people automatically come into the job market. a see you of relief today. a lot of positives in this report than negatives. but we need a lot more of this. >> reporter: it's not good news the unemployment rate has kicked back up to 9%. what is the magic number if we even know that to turn this around? >> reporter: 250,000, it would still take years. we are talking four years before we got back to jobs that have been lost. and listen, maybe there have
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been times when we had extraordinary job growth. but 9% unemployment. a lot of people are simply out of the job market. some of them are coming back. in my mind that's not a negative, that's a positive. when put? -- the government put in 3 1/2 trillion dollars into stimulus. we stoked this a lot. and at the end of the day what it's going to come down to are private businesses hiring people or being allowed to hire people. what we are seeing is this government backs off what i consider to be taken anti-business agenda and let the natural course of the business cycle work. alisyn: thanks so much. you can watch charles 2:00 p.m. weekdays on the fox business network. bill: they had praise for the operation that led to usama bin laden's death, but the short
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list of candidates taking aim at president obama's foreign policy. that was topic a last night. did they win any hearts and mind down there in the palmetto state? good morning, carl. >> reporter: they certainly made an effort. while there was a tremendous amount of talk about bin laden and foreign policy. tim pawlenty went after palmetto state voters and the primary state voters with a local issue in which the labor relations board has been trying to stop boeing from moving from washington state to south carolina. pawlenty went at that hoping to court the south carolina voters. >> you have this administration telling a private company they
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cannot relocate to south carolina and provide needed jobs. it's a preposterous decision and position of this administration. >> local issues for a local primarily crowd. as for foreign policy, rick santorum, the former senator from pennsylvania was a standout. he worked very hard, very aggressively going after barack obama. while all the candidates note osama bin laden was an achiev achievement, look at this. >> if you look at what president obama has done right in foreign policy. it's always been a continuation of the bush policies. he has done right by keeping gitmo open and finishing the job in iraq and afghanistan. the decision he made with usama bin laden was a tactical
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decision. it wasn't strategic. >> reporter: three other candidates were on the stage last night. ron paul attributed with being the godfather of the tea party movement wrestled with gary john on the former governor of meck. and cain pretty much won frank luntz' focus group last night. bill: if you missed it last night, as more analysis on the debate. alisyn: we'll have our pundits come in to debate what the highlights were. a day at the races turns into a nightmare when a horse leaps over a wall straight into a
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crowd of spectators. bill: the cia scouring the documents found inside usama bin laden's compound. alisyn: the wreckage from a stealth helicopter found inside usama bin laden's compound. hi, dad. we need to talk.
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bill: a fox news alert. al qaeda says soon it will release an audiotape that usama bin laden recorded inside that compound in pakistan about a week before he was killed by u.s. forces. what's on this tape, we wonder. what do you think this is all about? >> i think it's possible bin
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laden was giving instructions or plans for the next phase of al qaeda's operation. it's possible it was a tape made some time ago in anticipation of the possibility he would be killed. it's clearly significant as is the al qaeda web site announcement that bin laden is dead. that's helpful in laying to rest some how he's not dead. bill: the audiotape when it comes out will be pored over by the intelligence communities to look for clues. sometimes there are messages that could trigger the next attack. >> together with the information on the hard drives and the computers, this could be a major break through for u.s. intelligence. we should certainly hope so. bill: they talked about the train system in the u.s. being the next target. that was a possibility. a drone landed in north
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pakistan, 10 different missiles were fired in northern pakistan. this could have been al qaeda targets, it could have been tall want targets that were aimed towards the u.s. forces in afghanistan. i guess what it tells you is the war continues. >> i think that's exactly right. it's important that people understand as positive a development as bin laden's killing is, it doesn't change the equation about the war on terror. so the speculation we see about whether the president will announce a major draw down of u.s. forces will be a big mistake for the united states. this is a time to increase the pressure. bill: the suggestion on the "60 minutes" story is the time line
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for drawdown will continue. >> the president never has been comfortable with the war, despite what he said during the campaign. this fits the narrative they would like to project that al qaeda is not a threat anymore, it's really just taliban and we can negotiate with them. bill: the pakistani general, here is what he apparently said earlier today. that all u.s. military personnel operating in pakistan should get out. if the u.s. considers a raid like the one we saw late sunday night, early monday morning. that pakistani forces would engage u.s. forces. the imagination reels. is that a possibility? >> good luck with that pakistani general. we are going to have some tough conversations with the pakistanis about who knew what about bin laden's whereabouts
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and their support for al qaeda. bill: you think he's just saying that for local consumption so the pakistani government doesn't look like it's a complete ally with the u.s. >> we can hope he's just blowing smoke. alisyn: we have new information about stepping up raids overseas. the secret plan the u.s. is using to catch top terrorists. bill: a frightening scene when shores choose a much different course. with recipes from, and campbell's cream of chicken soup. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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bill: a horse jumped the wrong
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fence. 7 people taken to the hospital in australia. >> people were laying on the ground. it was complete chaos. the jockey apparently fell off early in that race. but the jockey was okay. that one out of australia. alisyn: there is word that the obama administration is secretly expanding strike teams. these teams would be like the navy seals that killed usama bin laden. according to reports since 2009 the number of elite teams in afghanistan have gone from 4 to 20. chris is a former u.s. navy seal and he's now vice president of medical security international. good morning, chris.
9:25 am
as we said, the u.s. boosted the number of these strike teams from 4-20. each one from 10-100 men, special operators, commandoes. ies this so effective and are we building up the teams now. >> we are not necessarily increasing the current numbers we have, but we are putting guys down range in bigger groups. so we are not creating more guys. we are just sending more of the gentlemen that we already have down range. usually the groups will go out in 6-week cycles. they are piggy backing. what that allows them to do is have a broader ability to handle a lot of the operations coming up right now, especially on the back of that cutting edge intelligence we gathered as evidence about it predator drone
9:26 am
strike. alisyn: these two dozen special commandoes were able to do with thousands of group haven't for the past decade and that's get usama bin laden. is this how we are going to prosecute the war and terror going forward? >> special operations command is so many southeast assets from government agencies to groups inside navy, army, air force, marine and coast guard. it's have much a joint effort. the joint special operations is the tip of that spear. there are so many things that work behind the scenes that we are not privy to and we don't need to be privy to. but it's a big movement. there are 60,000 people parts of that special operations command stan joint special operations command. it's quite extensive. alisyn: we don't know much about these guys. they toil in the shadows.
9:27 am
they do so anonymously. today president obama is going to ply to meet with them. what will that mean? >> that is a huge compliment. any time your commander in chief stands behind you and says job well done, it has a resounding effect across the community. we don't want our nation to go every intimate detail about what we do because we are more comfortable in the shadows and that's something they ingrain in you from day one. president obama coming there today is definitely going to lift everyone spirits and help hold our heads even higher. we are in service to our nation and that's all we wants people to know. alisyn: i know you don't want information to get out but we are fascinated by it. >> can i say one thing, alisyn any wanted to call quick attention to a special
9:28 am
foundation called the navy seal foundation. they play an important role in bereavement, helping families of seal warriors that have been killed. allow their children do go to school with scholarship founding. to thank you very much for your time. and i appreciate being on the show. alisyn: i'll put that out on twitter as well. bill: a reminder how much the military and intelligence communities has been doing the past depast 10 years. bill: what was al qaeda planning to do 10 years after the attacks of 9/11? every little morsel and nugget from that compound is fascinating. alisyn: if you need to rent a car you may get hit harder in the wallet.
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go to and click on the most read tab to see our top stories for today.
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nothing beats the taste of honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's full of sun ripened strawberries. and 10 grams of whole grain per serving. mmmm delicious! nothing's better than honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. bill: al qaeda by waive a web site that confirmed the death of its leader an hour ago saying it will release an audiotape of usama bin laden at any moment.
9:33 am
apparently recorded just about a week before was killed. catherine hair edge running down her sources down in washington. good morning, catherine. the audiotape when it comes out could say what possibly, if it is trite's record 7 days before was killed and captured. >> reporter: earlier this week i reported they were anticipating an audio message from usama bin laden. having followed these audio tapes and messages over the last decade is there tends to be a 6-week time lap from when they are recorded to when they ultimately hit their destination like these radical web sites or friendly middle eastern broadcasting outlet. bill: the assumption is if they are in possession of an audiotape, then the audiotape had to be out of that compound before the seals raided it.
9:34 am
>> reporter: based on the timing the audiotape was already in the pipeline. they anticipated that his operatives would move up or rush along the message so it could be along in a more timely fashion. it has been a very, very long time since the u.s. intelligence community commented on the audiotape because they are not seeing as containing any call to arms or coded messages. that was an interpretation immediately after 9/11. by that's no longer been the case for some time. bill: does the intelligence community here at home, do they still think they are hidden messages in these audiotapes? >> reporter: they have not thought that for some time. it's a way for bin laden to show he's still relevant. they tend to be 6-8 weeks old. so it gives you a sense how long
9:35 am
it takes for a message to go from bin laden to the desired media outlet. in the statement or recognition, from the general loadership of al qaeda. you see no one has stepped up before to become the obvious successor to bin laden. one final point, the data coming out of the compound is important because it's helping us understand the relationship bin laden had with his own network and perhaps he wasn't as far underground as many people speculated. and they are hoping this loads to operational relationships that existed between bin laden and the network. specifically a legal permanent rest accidents in the united states and kasmiri who was related to the mumbai attacks. bill: this may have been the
9:36 am
last delivery, one of bin laden's couriers made before was shot and killed. also more details on bin laden's final plot against america. al qaeda planning the attacks maybe for this coming september 11, 10 years after the attacks that killed 3,000. u.s. homeland security now issuing an alert. peter doocy is on that live in washington. >> reporter: they are saying the cities were d.c, new york and chicago. the plan according to handwritten notes they found in bin laden's house was to tamper with the tracks to make the train fall off the tracksn on a bridge or in a valley. u.s. official.tell us this was
9:37 am
still in the planning stages, more as per riggsal than concrete. last february, this is something they were cook up. we don't know al qaeda has done anything to further this plot. but u.s. officials says this shows bin laden with us aa lot more involved in planning attacks and he was still focused on mass transit. bill: peter doocy, thanks. alisyn: the first debate of the 2012 fltd season is in the history books. the gop rivals praised president obama for the operation in washington. but accolades stopped there. >> i tipped my hat to him in that moment. but that was not the sum total in foreign policy. >> one right decision does not a great president make. alisyn: doug hhyes and doug
9:38 am
schoen, good morning to both of the dougs. doug schoen, what was the headline from last night. >> i think the headline was the b team showed up and her man cain won when president obama went to ground zero and met with the families and the firefighters *. if that was the best the republicans can do it shows how far and deep a trough they have have to dig themselves out of. alisyn: let's play a snippet from her man cain. let's listen. >> i'm proud of the fact that i haven't held public office before, because i ask people, most of the people in elective office in washington, d.c., they have held public office before, how's that working for you?
9:39 am
we have a mess. alisyn: people seemed to like that line. >> in the atmosphere we have had the past couple election cycle., it rings true with people. public service is not something that should be frowned upon. when i lock at debates i look see who makes mistakes. especially if you are the front runner. of all those on stage, it was tim pawlenty. which means by default he won. in south carolina, the old saying to be the man you have got to beat the man. if you don't knock that top person off within that top person that won. alisyn: it's interesting you bring up tim pawlenty. doug schoen, many people those missed an opportunity last night because he was asked about mitt romney's healthcare plan and basically what he said was i'm
9:40 am
not going to hit a guy when he's not here. he took a pass on it. >> tim pawlenty was the only potential a-list candidate who showed up and he did a competent job. but that's all he did. i would say to my dear friend doug heye, it suggests how serious a problem we have. her man cain is not going to be president. alisyn: why not? >> his experience in a time when we are in two wars with a third one potentially raging, it doesn't seem that's the direction the american people will want to go. >> we'll look to see who has the experience to do the job best. republicans in the past years have criticized the president's experience. though we are all happy with
9:41 am
what happened with osama bin laden. we not will be on jobs, the economy, gas prices. alisyn: do you agree with doug schoen as many as point if that's the best you can do it doesn't look promising for republicans? >> we'll have dozens of these debates. and we welcome the opportunity for candidates to come in. this is the first one. the first opening shot in the presidential campaign. we have more candidates that will get in so we'll visit this over the coming weeks and months. i'm excited and ready for this to start. >> if you look at politic you often learn a lot by what your opponents say. the fact that the democratic party put out fact checks three times on tim pawlenty, that shows you who they are most
9:42 am
concerned with. >> doug heye is right when he said this is about jobs and the economy. the republicans missed a huge opportunity. alisyn: thanks so much for coming in today. bill: i found the topics last night fascinating. everything is so much more relevant now even more than it was in 2008. there are new reports the cia was in its own compound near bin laden trying to get a fix on the terrorist leader for months. how did that contribute to his takedown. ♪
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brand-new job numbers. the markets are up about 130 points. the global food shortages and falling prices threaten widespread destablization. u.s. customs and bored protections say they are adding 7 new booths where 18-wheelers cross. bill: we are learning about usama bin laden's life in the town of abbottabad. the cia kept an eye on a safe house in the same town where he was living. one of his wives said bin laden never left that home for a period of 5-6 years. how important was this for the cia surveillance in.
9:47 am
>> i think it's very important. but i have to say there is somebody despicable in the white house leaking this information because it probably compromise.our ability to use safe houses elsewhere in pakistan. bill: do you think it's despicable if even the locals didn't notice? >> i'm not criticizing the job. it's a job the agency is made to do and risk its life to do. what's despicable is the counter terrorism people in the white house who leaked the fact they were cleared to do it. bill: they say reports he may have been in that neighborhood as far back as last september. move on to another fact. that u.s. agent of the cia was never able to get a photograph of bin laden inside that home, and they had audio sensors set up but they were never able to
9:48 am
record his voice. now do you then go with the raid without having 100% confirmation that bin laden was inside? what other facts would you need? >> i think one of the problems we have, we assume we can get the quality of intelligence against the soient union. when they said they had 60% certainty he was there, that was more than enough to add. we could not refuse to fact we had hat level of certainty. bill: they also point out based on the report from washington that he led a remarkably disciplined life to stay hidden. and that's apparent based on the lack of photographs. would you say? >> i think that's right. i tend to doubt he was in that house for six years. but that said, he's a very disciplined man. we treat him as a thug and gangster. if he was a mujahadeen insurgent
9:49 am
and he knew his business very well. bill: he was so active in this organization, he with us not to guy walk into retirement, right? >> that right, sir. what the government has been telling us for the past decade. he was isolated and unable to communicate was obviously wrong. we are going to have to rethink how cohesive al qaeda is with it branches overseas. bill: danielle says how do they know the dna to bin laden is a match. where would they get the original dna to compare? >> my hunch is he has 50-some brothers and sisters, dna can be matched familywise, i think. i'm not a scientist. bill: it could be a water bottle, a sheet, somewhere he
9:50 am
slept or lived, it could be a piece of clothing. >> or it could be a blood sample from a blood family member. bill: to our viewers at home, is the email. also click on "america's newsroom" on our web site. that was probably the number one asked question. alisyn: it's a great question. that makes sense because he has such a vast family. there i vital mission underway in pakistan to uncover the tale of the helicopter that crashed at bin laden's compound in pakistan. what is so important about this piece and how quickly could it end up in someone else's hand. planning on renting a car? get ready to shell out even more money. >> it's ridiculous. >> that's insane.
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alisyn: if you think paying nearly $5 a gallon gas is bad you apparently haven't rented a car. some rental companies are charging customers twice that for those who opt -- >> reporter: would you call it anyone and diming or downright gouge. >> that's insane. >> reporter: hertz are charged over $9 a gallon if the rental is not returned with a full tank of gas. >> that's too much. >> they are their come pet towards come in at $2 to $3
9:55 am
under. avis is just under $8 a gallon. >> most people don't like to fill the vehicle with gas. >> that's one of the two less expensive options. a fair share of customers pop into a gas station to fill up. >> i prefer the prepay. >> reporter: it's typically what you pay to gas up yourself. but regional company charges you the cost of filling the tank regardless of what you burn. bear in mind it's disclosed up front. >> they give you options. bring is back full -- bring it back full or pay the price. a profitable practice of fueling. >> i will not be going to hertz.
9:56 am
alisyn: do you rent a carver? bill: i do. but usually i fill up before i take it back. alisyn: that's good, you are responsible. bill: al qaeda confirming the death of its leader. new details on a possible audiotape that could be out at any moment reportedly recorded just days before he was killed. alisyn: the police officer in this video under investigation for body checking this 15-year-old. was this justified force? >> we have to be fair and objective to determine what occurred before we got to this point. once you arrive on the scene, were there other factors that led him to believe that that strike was necessary? [ male announcer ] can a cuof coffee
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bill: "fox news alert," stepping on a hornet's nest as al qaeda unleashes a barrage of threats
10:00 am
an propaganda. usama bin laden's death prompting new threats from the terror network, that he founded and as we await on the possibility, we're told of a new audio tape set to be released at any time, widely believed to be the last recording that bin laden ever made. what we are learning and believe that it was made perhaps a week ago. others suggesting it may have been six or eight weeks ago and we'll wait on that and when it comes we'll play it for our viewers, at least dip in and find out what was on that one, good morning, i'm bill hemmer, good morning. allisyn: good morning, great to see you, i'm alisyn camerota in for martha maccallum, we get the standard response from the cia, saying they don't comment on al qaeda tapes but they say there was never a fake statement attributed to the network. bill: the last message, recorded about a week ago before the raid that nabbed the world's most wanted man and jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon, good morning, what can we report on this now? >> reporter: good morning, bill, well, as catherine herridge reported these audio tapes they be more of a curiousty than an
10:01 am
intel find and tend not to have anything imbedded in them that could lead to more attacks but, certainly, the intelligence agencies are on high alert, because they are concerned that in the wake of this killing, there could be some sort of attack launched but they don't think it will, necessarily, emanate as a result of the audio tape. what is interesting, is the whole debate about whether to release the photos and whether people need photographic evidence of whether he is dead was settled by al qaeda itself by releasing the statement, earlier today, a statement written, we're told on may 3rd, we have a translation of it, from one of the groups that monitors these kind of al qaeda statements, and here's from the statement itself, it says "we call upon our muslim people in pakistan on whose land sheikh usama was killed to rise up and revolt to cleanse this shame that has been attached to them by a clique of traders and thieves who sold everything to
10:02 am
the enemies." this is confirmation that bin laden is dead from al qaeda itself and we expect a thorough readout of some of the initial intelligence coming off of the usama bin laden hard drive, later today, and some of that initial intelligence has shown that bin laden played a more direct operational role up until the end, with plans as we reported, to target washington and new york train systems, to mark the anniversary of 9/11, this year. and security is now tightened on those systems and we'll get an explanation about the means they used to identify bin laden at the scene. there were photographs taken, sent back to headquarters, for facial recognition, and we'll get explanation how that worked and there is also the dna, taken from his mother, and, we're told, three of his sons, the dna they have on him, they were able to do a very quick analysis and compared it and from what we are told had a 99.9% corroboration that the dna was his and that is dna, we don't know how they got
10:03 am
it from mother or sons, that is a question we'll be asking. and we're learning more about how this cia may have had a safe house, from which they watched this bin laden compound, for months, prior to the raid, that was first reported in the "washington post," this morning. and, it certainly raises questions about ray davis, the contractor that was caught in pakistan, that led to the very -- breach in relations between isi and the cia, and, was he part of that safe house, part of that team that was watching the bin laden compound? bill? bill: a lot of stuff there, jennifer and it is all fascinating stuff, on the dna, how many years have we had that, do we know. >> reporter: that is a good question, we don't know. all we know is it was from his mother and we're told, three of his sons, and, there are more questions than answers, i am afraid, about the dna and we'll get more of that, this afternoon and we are getting a briefing this afternoon. bill: on the cia house that was set up, in the same neighborhood, apparently there was done in september of last
10:04 am
year, okay? so it plays out now and we're told the cia members left the area, before the raid was carried out. but, the gent gentleman you mentioned, who was imprisoned for a time and since released was not in the town of abbotbad as i recall. >> reporter: he was not and i'm not suggesting -- he was in lahore, but he would have been part of the kind of operatives they had, imbedded in pakistan and what is interesting, if you look at the timeline when the national security council meetings with the president took place, regarding, there were five meetings that we were told about and were given dates prior to the raid being ordered, they started mid-march, march 14 and that was approximately the time that ray davis, the contractor, was released from the pakistani jail, after having killed two pakistanis in a robbery that had gone awry, they tried to rob him and it was tense and shows the ray davis affair, at least,
10:05 am
interfered with the planning for the operation, because they couldn't move forward until he was out of the prison, for fear that he would have been killed. bill: one more point in all of this. with the cia house in the same neighborhood. it also has been reported there is not a single photograph, they were able to capture of bin laden inside the home and despite extensive audio surveillance did not record his voice as well, which suggests that he was a pretty good hider, all the way to the end, jennifer? >> reporter: it shows he knew his trade craft according to intelligence officials that i have talked to, it is also interesting, that in the initial interviews with his wife, she said she told pakistani authorities she never left the second and third floor of that compound, in six years. bill: which would explain why the wall was set up, to wall out the windows or the bedroom or terrorist, kept up there. >> reporter: she was essentially a prisoner of the house. bill: jennifer griffin, at the pentagon, thank you. allisyn: fascinating details and they keep coming in throughout the morning and meanwhile the
10:06 am
united nations questioning the legality of america taking out bin laden and an independent investigator calling on the u.s. to reveal more details on the aid and wants experts to assess the legality of the killing and for their part, u.s. officials saying it is legal under u.s. and international law. bill: president obama now, en route on a day trip that will take him to fort campbell, kentucky, where the commander in chief, personally will thank the special-ops team including the navy s.e.a.l.s, some of them, who took out bin laden. mike emanuel is live at the white house, what do we expect from the visit in kentucky and why. >> reporter: as you said there will be the private meeting with special-ops and we don't expect we'll get a lot on that because they do not appear on camera but a thank you for the commander-in-chief for a job well done in taking out bin laden and the public message we'll see, fort campbell is the home of the 101st airborne, with multiple deployments to
10:07 am
afghanistan and there you will see the commander in chief thank the troopers and families for a tremendous sacrifice on behalf of the nation, courage and bravery in afghanistan, and also, we can expect the president, to essentially make the point, that usama bin laden may be dead, but, the fight against extremism is not over, and, so, there is more work to be done, bill. bill: there will be the debate as you know about the draw down in afghanistan. what is the president -- has the president said about that strategy? >> reporter: in an interview with "60 minutes," which airs this sunday, he did give us a bit of a preview of the troop level discussion and here's what he had to say. >> president barack obama: keep in mind, i have already made a commitment that starting in july of this year, we are drawing down troops. and we are transitioning, training afghan forces, so they can start securing their own country, and, so, what happened on sunday, i think, reconfirms that we can focus on al qaeda,
10:08 am
and the threats to our homeland, and train afghans, in a way that allows them to stabilize their country but we don't need a perpetual footprint of the size we have now. >> reporter: the question is the numbers and you'll have general petraeus and the military commanders saying they need serious numbers, and the president's base will say we need fewer numbers and we'll find out, soon, what the president is thinking in terms of specifics, because, july is one of those critical transition dates. bill? bill: thank you, north lawn of the white house, mike emanuel. allisyn: let's take a closer look at what the u.s. committed in afghanistan. about 100,000 troops, are still there, and that is the highest number, this is surprising, of u.s. service members ever in that country. the president says he'll begin to draw down u.s. forces around july of this year, as you heard and a transition to afghan-led security, is set to be completed by the end of the year 2014. bill: as evened, the debate will continue, right now, and pick up
10:09 am
steam, too, and preliminary polling put him ahead of the pack for the white house in 2012. but, he's not even campaigning. mike huckabee, what you did not see last night in our fox debate, we'll be here in a moment to talk about his political future. allisyn: unemployment on the rise, despite a major hiring spree and, the price at the pump continues to rise, neil cavuto, coming up, on the unsustainable course for catastrophe, as he said, just ahead. bill: and the military hardware in pakistan, left behind after the raid and they tried to blow it up, but the tail survived. how the u.s. is now working feverishly to recover this top-secret tool of war. >> seeing that helicopter, in a place and condition that it wasn't supposed to be, i think was one of -- at least for me and for the other people in the room, was the concern that now we have to go to the contingency plan.
10:10 am
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allisyn: we have breaking news, right now, because there are new reports, just into fox news, that security forces in pakistan say they have arrested now 40 people in abbotbad and the people reportedly all had ties to usama bin laden and they are calling this the second phase of the operation that killed him and they say they made these arrests yesterday, all in the abbotbad district and they say the abbotbad police were involved in this, and the pakistani security forces clearly trying to regain their reputation for having missed him for six years and now say they've arrested 40 people who they believe have ties to usama bin laden. we'll follow this for you. >> i love the huck! i know him, he's been a colleague of mine and a friend and i know janet, his spouse and
10:14 am
he's a wonderful man and he has a big heart and has a lot of talent and cares about this country, and i appreciate him, very much. but, my views and his views, may not always line up and i think they mostly do on many things, but, no, i'm planning to be in it, if i decide to do it to win it in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and everywhere. bill: former governor tim pawlenty out of minnesota now and he was asked a question by chris wallace about mike huckabee leading the polling now and last night praising one of the republicans who was not there and that is mike huckabee and we'll ask him now, as to why he was not and he's the huck and he's right there. author of "the simple government, 12 things we really need from washington and a trillion that we do not." how are you doing, governor. >> i'm doing well. bill: a little debate envy last night? watching all the guys up there? >> i think tim pawlenty established himself as the intellectual in the race, by making the brilliant assessment of mike huckabee. bill: clearly, i would add, huh?
10:15 am
in all honesty you chose not to participated and have not declared your candidacy. >> because that is i haven't decided if there will be one. bill: you were deep into this in 2008 and did well in iowa and you were in the game in the early stages of the election 2008. do you regret not having a platform last night? >> no, i don't at all, because, first of all, i have to come to the place where i believe i should run and i'm not there yet and, my feeling is, you know, i'll be there by the summer, one way or the other and i may not. that is the reality and i keep reading reports that say i'm definitely in or out and i'm definitely undecided. bill: we have talked a lot about this over the last few months and your deadline keeps sliding and if we went back and checked the transcript, it was may, and then june and... >> summer is june. i have to make a decision in the next month to two months. bill: what are you waiting on? or maybe a better question to ask you, what is holding you
10:16 am
fwhak. >> -- holding you back. >> it's not anything you would think, i have in credible numbers in the pose and, i lead in the critical early states like iowa and south carolina, and, i think the financial base is beginning to assemble, all of those things, but what it comes down to is internal, do i really want to put my family and myself through this process, and do i believe that the republicans can do something other than vulcanize themselves in i worry about that, bill, because, there seems to be a sense of fracture, where people want you to be everything or nothing. and, ronald reagan, i'm not sure -- i had a conversation with his son, michael last saturday night at the nra convention and ronald reagan would have a difficult, if not impossible time being nominated in the atmosphere of the republican party. bill: how come? >> he raised taxes as governor and made deals with democrats and compromised in order to move the ball done the field and as president, gave amnesty to 7
10:17 am
million illegal immigrants, and, there were many things that would have been anathema and people speak of him as if he was steadfast. he was in his convictions but you have to governor in a way that is different than the way you can campaign. bill: two more question, and we'll move on to bin laden, you said the money is a big issue and the other thing, you said, is about the polling. and, the polling indicates in some cases you are still number one. can you afford not to run. >> sure. because you cannot base it on what a poll looks like a year-and-a-half away from the election, and, a year away from the primaries. polling is wonderful, but, you know, people say you are leading in the polls, what does that mean? i have 24%? what about the other 76% that i don't have yet. bill: you can argue from 24 to 34 and onward or 24 to 14, which you don't want to do! what do you think of the president's decision to send the navy s.e.a.l.s and kill the world's most wanted man.
10:18 am
>> from the very beginning, i think i was very enthusiastic with my praise in his decision, it showed courage and a capacity to make a tough decision and to make the decision, not to dawdle about it. i thought it was a brilliant move on his part and, particularly, the fact that he sent in the team, to make sure we had a body, as opposed to dropping the bomb and then, al qaeda could have denied here was killed. bill: fair point. what about the debate we now enter into about our future in afghanistan? do you support this president's decision to continue withdr with drawdown. >> we can't stay there everybody, nobody has been able to do it, whether the soviets, virtually wiped them out, it is a very tough environment and i have been there and came away, saying, my gosh, i feel like im in the land of the flintstones and never saw anything so primitive this side of the surface of the moon and it is tribal. bill: you sound like you would support him if he continues with this decision.
10:19 am
>> we can't everyone build afghanistan into an 18th century country, it is that primitive to and to think we'll make a western, modern culture out of it, we're not, but if we can do what we can to tamp down on the taliban and al qaeda circuit industry the tri, that what is we need to hope for and, surgically deal with cells of terror but we can't be there the rest of their existence or ours. bill: we'll continue the conversation in a week and we talk every friday and i have been to the country as well and it is closer to the 5th world than the third world. governor, we'll see you this weekend. >> thank you, bill. bill: check out his book, a trillion things you don't need out there, thanks! allisyn: there are widespread protests in syria today where the foreign media is not allowed in but the amazing images of demonstrators putting themselves in the line of fire, are getting out. here are some for you. plus, a big scare at more than two dozen schools in one major city.
10:20 am
a white, powdery substance sent in the mail along with ramblings about al qaeda and the fbi. what the feds say about this connection to other suspicious mailing sent to schools all over the country. >> why would a person target children? i don't understand that. everybody should be on high alert, because, you never know what crazy people might do today.
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
bill: the fbi investigating the package sent to more than 30 schools in washington, d.c., many of them out of dallas, texas, containing white powered and there was an ominous message, too, refer to al qaeda and the fbi. >> a white, white powder, and, basically one of the secretaries and myself are the only ones who touched it, so, i mean, i didn't touch the powder but i touched the envelope and i saw there was
10:24 am
writing inside. >> definitely disturbing. not something that happens very often, and, clearly, everyone is on high alert. after usama bin laden was killed. bill: bizarre, the powder not considered dangerous and the d.c. schools that received the letters, back in session today, but the fbi saying it is investigating similar mailings to schools elsewhere in the country but would in the say where. allisyn: there is a new round of violence in syria, thousands of protesters peacefully marching after friday prayers and the regime responding with live ammunition and witnesses say at least 6 people are dead and many more injured, and fox's reena ninan is live with this story and, reena, when did the shooting start and why. >> reporter: this is what we have seen weeks and weeks in the making, seven weeks, in fact, the unrest in syria, every time after friday prayers, averagely, because that is when they collect in the streets and they
10:25 am
have to have special permits according to reforms there and almost 600 people have been killed since the violence began, 100 soldiers and something unusual we have not really seen in weeks past, in damascus, the capital, we are seeing more protests taking place, while this week, there were tanks moving into the town on thursday and they were reported, where the protests began and tanks were moving out of the town, but, residents there still say the military presence is strong, and strong enough that the people don't feel comfortable going out in numbers, because they know they will be shot and killed. allisyn: this is horrible. obviously the protesters, want reform. has president assad given any nods to that? >> reporter: no, nothing new, ali but you are right, the tactic has been to offer up some kind of, not really genuine reforms, and, then, also use brutal force on the other hand, and this week we saw, while the rest of the world was watching the capture -- murder, actually of usama bin laden we noticed in
10:26 am
syria there were hundreds of people being arrested in the town, any guy over 40 was picked up from the streets an rounded up and human rights activistses say they continue to be detained, today, in fact, following friday prayers, as well. allisyn: and the video is getting out, though it's not supposed to, from the government, it is shocking to see, reena ninan, thanks for the update. bill: the story with all the news we have had here at home, it is significant, too, and historical. there is word bin laden recorded one last message before being taken out, and al qaeda says that message will be made public, so what was his final message? we're awaiting that here on "america's newsroom." allisyn: new monthly joble lesl numbers just in. what sign does it show, in terms of where the economy is headed? we are live, in three minutes.
10:27 am
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10:30 am
alisyn: fox news alert for you now, al-qaeda says it will release an audiotape from bin laden. apparently, this was recorded just a week before he was killed, they say, al-qaeda on friday confirmed the killing of usama bin laden and warned of retaliation saying that americans' happiness will turn to sadness, that was a quote. the confirmation came in an internet statement posted on militant websites signed by,
10:31 am
quote, the general leadership of al-qaeda. so obviously, we will monitor this, if and when this audiotape is released. of course we will get it to you. bill: 40 people have been arrested in that town? alisyn: yesterday in abbottabad. bill: that was the same town that the bali bomber was arrested in match, living under their noses in that town. alisyn: something is going on there. bill: more on that in a moment. the economy, a hiring spree, not enough to bounce employment, though. brand new numbers show the economy adding 244,000 jobs in april, the biggest increase in almost a year but this number is disturbing, we have ticked up higher to 9 percent unemployment. neil ca-- cavuto, fox business network, how you doing neil, good morning. >> good morning. bill: first the jobs number, good news? two hundred forty-four thousand? >> it is a good number. obviously, it confuses folks at home when they say all right, 244,000 new jobs, why
10:32 am
did the unemployment rate tick up. there are two different surveys, 244,000 comes from business establishment, the other one comes from households. and that was the one that showed, you know, when they knock on your door, call you, did someone get a job in your household, someone lose a job, so they have to reconcile the differences. but when more people are entering the work force, you have the potential, no matter the number who are gaining jobs, of bringing that unemployment rate up, which happened here. bill: so people are coming out, looking for jobs, and they're now being counted. >> right. bill: that number had been going the other way for several months now. >> it is a psychologically big nup. 9 percent, just to give you an idea of what it would take to get us back to even 6 percent unemployment, bill, it is staggering. we use have to average, average, month in and month out, for at least three years, at least, better than 300,000 jobs a month.
10:33 am
bill: holy cow. wow, we've not seen that. there are political implications for that number, too, when it's up around 9 percent. now, on gas prices, they're still up, but oil is dropping like a stone yesterday. >> back under $100 a barrel. when i last checked, it was edging back over $100 a barrel. a lot of that was based on the view that things are slowing down globally, and that we could be looking at a double-dip recession or return to bad times. it's not affected gas, though. that that -- that is graded separately and the two are not necessarily in lockstep. gas is still just about the $4 level, forcing a -- of course in a lot of the places like manhattan and the tri-state area and certainly out in the west, they're well over $4. gasoline is on its own little feast here. bill: so that is the price of oil but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be cheap they are weekend
10:34 am
or any time soon. >> no, in fact the direction is just for much higher gasoline prices, if for no other reason than you're working through that pipeline, and there is a significant delay between what happens to oil, eventually getting to gasoline. typically that's up to 30 days. bill: we'll see you at 4:00, 6:00, fbn and not miss it this weekend at 10:00 him eastern time! >> you go! bill: bye bye. alisyn: there is another critical mission underway in pakistan today, that is to recover a sophisticated piece of cocoa vert military hardware, the military is working tirelessly to bring home the tail of the helicopter that crashed at bin laden's compound in pakistan. navy seals destroyed most of the pod of the chopper before they left but remnants of the aircraft, including that tail piece you see right there was in tact, indicating that this was not your run of the mill black hawk. this is a modified stealth chopper, designed to be
10:35 am
silent on radar. lieutenant general tom mcinerny, former vice chief of staff and fox news analyst, good morning. >> good morning, how are you today? >> alisyn: i want to get to the chopper, but we have so much breaking news, we have a report from al-qaeda that a tape of bin laden may be released as soon as in the next few hours. is this just a curiosity at this point or will military analysts be looking at this for something else? >> well, i think we're going to be looking at it for a number of things. number one was the message, was it, in fact, his final message he sent out, and there are indications he was continue the fight, people in pakistan, rise up against the americans, this type of message. now, we don't really know if it was, in fact, his last words, or if al-qaeda has just created it as part of their psychological warfare. alisyn: of course he couldn't know it was his last words. >> well said. alisyn: since it was a surprise.
10:36 am
meanwhile, 40 people arrested yesterday. we're just hearing this announcement in the past hour, 40 people arrested in abbottabad by pakistan security forces. is it possible that he had a network that vast, helping him in that town? >> well, that's a great question. i just don't know. i think the 40 people that were arrested -- and that may be more a symbolic symbol to the world that we're going to get to the bottom of this, but i think if that many people were aware of it, it would have leaked out a lot sooner. but again, we don't know. but it is very, very interesting. that's a good question. alisyn: it sure seems like 40 people can't keep a secret and this is more a face saving measure in pakistan, but of course we'll bring our viewers more as we know it. let's talk about this helicopter. how is the u.s. trying to get back this critical tail piece? >> well, first of all, let's look at what happened. if you look at that picture, you can see that they were trying to go into another part, as they rotated for
10:37 am
landing, the tail got hit -- it hit that wall and fell on the other side of the wall that they ended up landing in and of course they had a hard landing and they destroyed the part inside the wall that they were operating in when they went in the house, but they didn't go over the wall to destroy the other part in the chaos that was going on. now, i'm sure -- and i know the u.s. government and the military are working with the pakistani government, as well as the pakistani military, to get that tail rotor back, because that is extremely an important part of technology that we want to protect. alisyn: now, lieutenant general, i just want to show you, the last time we saw that tail piece and we showed this picture a moment ago but i want to bring it back up and get your comment on it, it was being carted away in the back of a flatbed truck by we assume a crew of locals there, not necessarily the pakistani military.
10:38 am
so what do we do about that? >> well, they carted it away because they want to look at it. look, there is very valuable stealth technology there, some very valuable avionics technology to include electronic countermeasures, communications equipment, scrambling equipment on communications, a whole host of things that just the aerodynamic technology of that tail, which gives it the stealth technology capabilities that are so important. so i would suspect, frankly, alisyn, that the chinese are looking at that right now. we'll probably get it back, but if you take finger -- if you take fingerprints, there are going to be a lot of chinese fingerprints on it. alisyn: you don't mean looking at it by eyeballing it, you mean pieces of it have gone to beijing to give it a once over? >> no, they have come ando come and they're probably working in a confined hangar and looking at t. taking
10:39 am
pictures of it, taking particles of the tail, of the material, the stealth material that prevents the radar to see it, a whole host of things, that are very, very important. alisyn: okay. >> and where we lead the world. alisyn: then take us one step further from that. if the chinese have gotten their eyes and hands on this, then how quickly can they develop something like this? >> well, it takes a while, because you have to develop the manufacturing techniques, but it certainly gives them a head start. if you remember the j20, when it flew when secretary gates was over there, that was really a knockoff of the fb22 that was a model that we designed. we never flew it, but it looks very, very similar to it. so it takes quite some time to develop that and we're continually developing counters to what they're doing, but the chinese are very interested in stealth technology. alisyn: so troubling. lieutenant general tom mcinerny, thank you very much for coming in with your
10:40 am
expertise. bill not what you want, the chinese looking around, stealing technology we've been working on for decades. alisyn: and it's already happening. bill: i think most folks had no idea there was a stealth helicopter operating in this world today until we saw that. alisyn: right. bill: the cia was working out of a safe house, we learned, near bin laden's house for months and did you know our navy seals nearly took a back seat to a flock of birds? cannot make that up. with bin laden now gone, how does the u.s. mission change in afghanistan? and in pakistan? there is constant breaking news on this story, so while we go to commercial, check it out at and we are back in three short minutes while you do that.
10:41 am
10:42 am
10:43 am
alisyn: so with usama bin laden being found, what now for the war-torn nation of afghanistan? war critics on both sides of the political spectrum saying the death of bin laden could be a window of opportunity for pulling
10:44 am
american forces out of harm's way but president obama saying he was already committed to beginning a draw down but not until july. >> we are drawing down troops, and we are transitioning, we're training afghan forces, so that they can start securing their own country, and so what has happened on sunday, i think, reconfirms that we can focus on al-qaeda, focus on the threats to our homeland. alisyn: senator roger wicker, mississippi republican on the senate armed services committee joins me now. good morning senator. >> good morning, glad to be with you. alisyn: there's a growing chorus on both sides of the aisle that say that now that usama bin laden is gone this is the perfect moment to get out of afghanistan. what are you saying? >> i really disagree with that. the view has not changed. i'm willing to put a lot of stock in what our generals are telling us. general petraeus, in particular, i think has done
10:45 am
an admirable job there. he's going to be moving over to the cia, but before he does that, we're due for a report sometime in late spring or early summer from his person. so i think we've made progress, i don't think the death of bin laden really changes the fact that we have a mission to do that's not complete yet in afghanistan. alisyn: let me tell you what senator richard lugar said, the top republican as you know on the senate foreign relations committee he said tz exceedingly difficult to conclude our vast expenditures represent an allocation of our financial assets. your response. >> my response is there's a reason we're in afghanistan. and it's 9/11. we unanimously went into that country as a result of the attack on our homeland. the task has not yet been done, and i applaud the president and the at managers for -- >> alisyn: but i want to
10:46 am
stop you, wasn't the task as stated after 9/11 to break up al-qaeda in afghanistan, root out the taliban and find usama bin laden, haven't we done those things to the best of our ability? >> no, we haven't. the task was to make sure the taliban didn't go a toe hold once again in afghanistan and provide a safe haven for al-qaeda. that task has not yet been completed, and i'm for getting the job done. let me point this out. we lost interest in afghanistan once before, when the soviets pulled out, we sort of forgot about afghanistan. we paid for that with the loss of 3000 of our citizens in new york and the united states and washington, d.c. on 9/11, and 1500-plus troops in the war since then. we don't need to make that mistake once again. we need to get the job done and make sure that we leave a society there that will not be a safe haven for al-qaeda. alisyn: but it sounds like
10:47 am
what you're saying is that that task could be indefinite. let me play for you something that president bush said back in september 2001, he had a different stated goal about the war in afghanistan, and let's listen to that. >> our war on terror begins with al-qaeda, but it does not end there. it will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped, and defeated. alisyn: it will not end until every terrorist of global reach has been stopped and defeated. that's forever. >> well, and that doesn't mean we have to have boots on the ground everywhere. but the fact is al-qaeda is still a threat to our homeland. i think we're finding out through news outlets that they were planning on derailing trains. the effort of al-qaeda to have attacks on the united states homeland is never
10:48 am
ending, and so that battle continues. certainly, i think it's very premature to say that just because we cut off the head of this one snake it signals some sort of end of the war on terror. alisyn: but you know -- and it could be nothing further from the truth. alisyn: many people agree with you but people like a timeline. is there any way to put now our stated goal into a time frame? >> you know, we didn't ask for a timeline in the world war ii, the timeline was when we retook paris, berlin, when hitler was killed and when the nazi threat was over with. the timeline was less important than the task. and frankly, i think we're making progress, and i don't -- i don't see this as being an unending effort. but we will be fighting these 11 al-qaeda organizations, worldwide, for some time now. alisyn: all right.
10:49 am
>> we don't need to kid ourselves that the death of bin laden represents any moment to take a break from this or to take a pass. alisyn: senator roger wicker, thank you very much for coming in with your perspective, we appreciate it. >> always glad to be with you, thank you. bill bill ten minutes away from "happening now", let's check in with jenna lee. good morning. jenna: bill, good morning to you. what a week, right? where so much is said about the killing of bin laden, yet so much is still unknown. we're taking viewer questions to our top notch team, jennifer griffin and drat rin -- catherine herridge are going to join us. what do you want to know about this week? send us your questions, also a so-called rocket man attempts to jet-pack across the grand canyon, live during our hours, bill, he's jumping out of the helicopter. will he make it. bill it's not evil knieval, right? i remember those days. jenna: reminiscent! bill: jenna, see new ten
10:50 am
minutes, okay? she was 15 years young and unarmed. the facts behind this police take down in a moment. alisyn: should rocks have rights? some activists say yes, and they want to sue on behalf of mother nature.
10:51 am
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10:53 am
bill: all right now, a lot of updates right now. let's get to the first one. there were reports out aabbottabad, pakistan where 40 have been arrested, the same town where the compound is where bin laden was taken down, people with reported links to usama bin laden. how they would have the links, not yet known. they are calling this the second phase of the operation that killed bin laden. also we're hearing from one of his wives who said that bin laden was in that home
10:54 am
for 5-6 years before the seals landed monday. more on this as we get them here in "america's newsroom" alisyn: all right, well america of course known as the land of freedom and personal rights but should mother nature have the sail rights as we humans do? claudia cowen is live in san francisco. what does this mean, claudia? >> reporter: for some environmentalists, this is the new frontier, giving rivers, streets, animals human rights, in particular, the right to exist. >> does the river have a right to flow? yes. because if it doesn't have a right to flow, then we don't have any more water, we don't have any more fish, we don't have the plants and species that we all depend on >> reporter: newly formed activist groups are promoting a declaration for the rights of nature that would allow lawyers to represent eco plaintiffs in court. critics say it's a ploy to expand political power.
10:55 am
>> the idea that fish and ponds should have resources is really a cover so that lawyers and bureaucrats can extend more control over other people. in other words, if you extend the rights to nature you will diminish human rights. >> the campaign is getting support from van jones, the obama administration's former green jobs czar who resigned after incendiary remarks after his past resurfaced such as suggesting the bush administration was involved in the 9/11 terror atag and declaring he was a communist. >> i'm sure van jones has never seen a property right or free market he likes and doesn't want to control. >> jones is the newest member of the pochamama alliance that want mother nature rights to be a global reality by 2014. >> a couple of towns and small countries have bought into the climate but alisyn, they've actually bought into the concept, i should say but given the current economic climate in this country it remains unclear whether americans are in the mood to give plants, animals, rocks, the legal
10:56 am
right to sue. alisyn: that may be a hard sell, but we know how litigious some are. bill: rocks have rights, alisyn. so do your kids! al-qaeda is set to release a new audiotape, said to be recorded seven days before bin laden was taken down. we're awaiting that and the release, which could come at any moment.
10:57 am
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10:59 am
bill: mother's today sunday, just to make sure you don't forget! alisyn: if you haven't gotten the present yet, we actually went to twitter to find out some wonderful things you can say to your mom that would be so heartwarming for her and some things you shouldn't say. we've got the top four things you shouldn't say: number four, what's for dinner. take her out that night! >> bill: i agree. alisyn: number three, which is what my children said to me this week, why isn't there a kid's day? bill come on, mom! alisyn: it's l halloween. and other things, got


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